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Process Service

Services include TRO, citations, subpoenas, summons, demand letters, or any other legal document needing to be served to an individual or business. All services include a minimum of 3 attempts, depending on case and perimeter. All services include the affidavit, return, proof of service...etc. If skip tracing is necessary to locate an individual, a skip tracing fee will be applied (party will be contacted before proceeding). 

Harris County only


  • Regular Service - $75

  • Rush Service (next day) - $100

  • Immediate - Same day Service (before 2pm)- $125

  • TRO /Protective Orders/Writs (without taking possession of property/persons) are considered immediate same day service $125


Contiguous Counties


  • Regular Service - $90

  • Rush Service (next day) - $110

  • Immediate/Same day Service (before 2pm)- $130

  • TRO/Protective Orders/Writs (without taking possession of property/persons) are considered immediate/same day service $130


Additional Services 

Skip Trace - $40.00 - $75.00

Additional Address for Service $25

Additional Documents to same party, same address, same time $35

Documents to different party, same address, same time $45

Wait Fee/Survillance relating to Service of Process only $25 per hour


If a service is not listed that you would like service on. Please contact us to discuss.

All prices are subject to change without notice.


Knowing the truth is what sets you free and what better way to prove your suspicion than with evidence. We will gather the evidence needed to prove your case, whether it may be for child custody, infidelity, or insurance fraud. All surveillance investigations require a signed contract along with a retainter. The amount of the retainer will be determined on how many hours of surveillance are requested by the client. We do require a minimum of 4 hours for all surveillance investigations. All consultations are free and confidential. 

  • Surveillance rates depend on the nature of the assignment.

A signed contract and retainer are required for all cases before any work can be preformed 

Mobile Notary

Mobile fee for traveling is a flat rate of $30.00 and a fuel surcharge of $0.50 mile to location, plus the state fee.

A Notary Public is not authorized to practice law or give legal advice.

Be advised we reserve the right to refuse to notarize any document(s) if the signer does not have proper identification, is not aware of what they are signing, is intoxicated or under the influence (of medication, drugs, or alcohol), and or is not coherent.

Current and valid photo ID must be present by all signers before any documents are notarized. This can include a current state issued driver’s license, state issued ID, US Passport, or military ID. All signers must appear in person.

If a document is filed with a government agency such as a Secretary of State's office, a County Clerk or a court, certified copies should be obtained from that agency.  A notary public cannot prepare, draft, select, or give advice concerning documents. 

Notaries Public may charge the following fees Texas Government Code § 406.024


  • Protesting a bill or note for non-acceptance or non-payment, register and seal $ 4.00

  • Each notice of protest $1.00

  • Protesting in all other cases $4.00

  • Certificate and seal to a protest $4.00

  • Taking the acknowledgment or proof of any deed or other instrument in writing, for registration, including certificate and seal:

     for the first signature $6.00

for each additional signature $1.00

  • Administering an oath or affirmation with certificate and seal $6.00

  • All certificates under seal not otherwise provided for $6.00

  • Copies of all records and papers in the Notary Public's office, for each page $.50

  • Taking the depositions of witnesses, for each 100 words $.50

  • Swearing a witness to a deposition, certificate, seal, and other business connected with taking the deposition $6.00

  • All notarial acts not provided for $6.00

Bona Fide Investigative Group are not licensed attorneys and cannot provide you with legal advice.

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